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16 Feb 2017
This will be a theoretical course to illustrate the drug discovery process from target to lead with special focus on DivIDe. It will also provide insights into the main disciplines for lead structure development. ESRs will learn the development of small molecules and biochemical and cellular assays, high throughput screening, cellular biology in ...
14 Feb 16 Feb 2017
The course provided basic knowledge on protein biochemistry, chemical kinetics and protein labeling. The course consisted iof both practical and theoretical sessions. Students expressed and purified proteins and characterise them by in vitro assays to assess purity, homogenity and stability. All students agreed that the training was very intense ...
29 May 1 Jun 2016
The Microtubule field is broad and has progressively branched out into many different subdomains that only rarely enjoy occasions to communicate. Bringing together researchers from these different domains creates novel opportunities for interactions and collaborations, and is expected to catalyse new groundbreaking ideas that could significantly ...