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1st DivIDE annual meeting in Dortmund

11 Feb 2017

In February 2017 the DivIDE network met at the magnificent MPI in Dortmund. This meeting was very special since all DivIDE PhD students were present together with the principal investigators for the first time.

The meeting was organised in two days:


1. First day:

- All the fellows prepared and explained their research projects between themselves

- The pincipal investigators (PIs) gave a chalk talk on the reserach undertaken in their labs

- All the consortium exercised the designing of the personal career development plans (PCDP)

2. Second day:

- Each fellow gave a frer 5 minutes presentation of their reserach project within the network and the PIs gave their constructives feedbacks


We also had time to network and have fun together at the Dortmunder Brauereir.